Inspired At Last

Lately I have been working of different kinds of plates to make a set, and the last ones I made I wanted them to work together to make a mandala. Well, they all broke and are in a bucket right now. I might have cried a little when they cracked haha. But, it gives me a chance to work on a new design and a new kind of plate.

Recently I was on instagram and I follow and artist named Tom Kemp. He is a rather well known artist, and he uses a very large brush with a type of black “ink” and just does one movement to make a design. They are simple but extremely beautiful. I was inspired my him. I want to make plates and keep them simple, but with line rather than brush work.

I think all of Tom Kemp’s work is very successful and yet very simple. I watch videos all the time of him making the designs, and if is definitely obvious that he has it down to a science, and has been doing it for years.

For my new series, I am focusing on how line and marks relate to the form. I want to play with flat, straight lines on something that is round and how it looks from all angles. First I am going to start off with plates and just making squares on them, and then i might go to vases and bottles and just see where all this takes me. I am definitely inspired right now I a cannot wait to see what this semester brings!


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