Working Title

MA/MFA Work-in Progress Exhibit
Marywood University, Kresge Gallery
October 24, 2016 – November 4, 2016

Once again the Kresge Gallery in Insalaco is showing Marywood art students work! Currently, the new exhibit on display is a Work-in Progress show entitled “Working Title”. Six graduate MA/MFA students are displaying their artworks from their areas of emphasis to present the creative process. Visitors can explore the process of each artist and their each unique styles to get a sense of the individual artist. The goal of the show is to present varying artworks for others to come and learn about the artists practices.

Honar Ali | Gavin Blackburn | Kirby Lowenstein
Jennifer Peters | Heidi Schmidt | David Schulte

What is great about this exhibit is that anyone can come and educate themselves from others’ process in that field. Learning from fellow students is a wonderful way to to develop understanding of that practice. Students, or anyone, should, at some point, go to the exhibit with their sketchbooks and take notes of any of the artists that you like or that inspires you! Then in your own artworks you can incorporate your fellow students process or concept into yours. 

Gun artwork

Creative process artwork

Images courtesy of Jennifer Peters


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