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As a junior graphic design major, the internship search is becoming real very fast. Searching for the ideal internship definitely isn’t an easy feat and there are many questions attached to this search that we nervously anticipate answers to, regarding whether or not we should settle for an unpaid internship or settle for interning with a company we aren’t sure we’ll want to stick with post-graduation. There is also competition to worry about when applying for an internship or new job. In the mix of this hectic search, we may miss opportunities presented to us simply due to lack of or dismissal to our connection to the world.

Social media is a huge force in our world today and continues to steadily expand and grow. Scary as that may be in some ways, it is the source of abundant opportunities, including internships and jobs.

I recently followed an account on Twitter called “Fashionista Careers”. This account posts tweets about available jobs and internships, mostly based in cities like New York and LA. It includes jobs based in marketing, communications, PR, fashion, and graphic design. It makes jobs and internships at magazine companies and popular agencies seem very close at hand. I read through and was amazed to see how many jobs in the graphic design field were available within the fashion world. Many of the job requirements sounded intense for a college student or recent graduate, but there were some beginner positions available within the listed companies.

One recent post was for a design company called All In The Works based in New York City, which requires someone comfortable with building presentations, doing work in InDesign and Illustrator, creating moodboards, and working with a photographer to retouch, resize, and research concepts. They must also have some expertise in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro, as well as some knowledge of photography editing, videography, and PowerPoint. As a small company, the designer would be the main force of the art department of the company. They would work with a small team, complete tasks both with that team and individually, and create content for the demographic the company leans toward. They listed each requirement and stipulation in detail. I was impressed with the account as a whole and will be referring to that in the future for possible job opportunities on a bigger scale.

For more information on the job listed above, you can check out–content-associate-in-new-york-ny

For more jobs and internships on this site, simply type in the search bar on the Fashionista website “graphic design” or “photography” or whatever your interest may be followed by a key word like “jobs” or “internships”. You will be amazed at all of the opportunities you can find! Social media is a great tool to use to get out there and see what the world has to offer you.

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