IPad Pro Creations

This summer I made it my goal to save enough money and purchase the new 2nd gen iPad Pro. Just a week ago my goal came true, the iPad Pro arrived at my doorstep.

I contemplated my decision of purchasing a MacBook or iPad Pro considering the software and apps that could be used. The biggest reason I ended up with the iPad Pro is because of the Apple Pencil. Being able to draw digitally and having it feel like a pencil is the best part.

I follow a few accounts on Instagram that solely use the iPad Pro for creating artworks or use it partially. The one main app that they are all using is procreate, the first app I purchased on my iPad Pro.

I just started drawing on it only a day ago, and I’m already looking forward to learning every part of the software. For some practice and to familiarize myself with Procreate I created a cactus illustration and a sunshine lettering. I plan on posting a lot of my creations on my Instagram account as I develop my skills if anyone would like to stay tuned in my work, just look me up by name.

Procreate features layers, a variety of brushes, opacity, selection, and many other features I have yet to explore. The start up page is a file doc with easy access to export and share. The good and bad partner of Procreate is that it is a rastor program and not a vector. It is made out of pixels which means it is not fully scaleable, my favorite part of illustrator. But Procreate is capable of creating detailed digital illustrations and paintings which I’m most excited about!

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