Is That A Plane? It’s A Bird!

This weekend I went on my weekly adventure to photograph at a state park. This time the park was Merli Sarnoski Park. If it weren’t for my dad, I don’t think I would ever find the places that he takes me to. I honestly don’t know how he hasn’t run out of places to take me, but there just seems to be a lot of great spots for nature and landscape photographs around this area.

Anyways, the park was a really nice place to get some landscape photographs, but there were places around the park that were also good for landscape photography. Luckily, I was able to go to two other spots besides the park. What all these places had in common, besides the beautiful landscape, was that each place had a specific bird that I was lucky enough to photograph. I am going to leave the most exciting bird for last.

One type of bird that I was able to photograph was no other than your good ole goose. The goose was surprisingly by itself, which seemed really odd to me because geese are usually always together. Though when he was out of the water, his one leg looked injured so maybe that was the reason for him being alone. When I got closer to him, praying that he didn’t attack me, he flew off into the lake. I was able to take a photograph of him just landing in the water. I felt better knowing his wings weren’t injured. The second type of bird I photographed were two little ducks. In this photograph I was able to photograph them flying together over a lake, even though you have to search for them in the photograph.

Though photographing a goose and two ducks was cool, the most amazing bird that I was honored to be able to photograph was America’s very own bald eagle. I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild, so this was extremely rewarding for me. Rewarding because not everyone that sees a bald eagle can capture it on camera, but I was lucky enough to be there at the right time. If my dad and I never went to the other side of the lake in the state park, I would have never captured that beautiful animal. So this weekend was a little more exciting, to say the least.

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