Abstract Painting

This past Tuesday in my Painting II class we began talking about abstract painting, and how we will be starting a three week long abstract, or non objective painting. Abstract painting is amazing because you can approach it however you want. Using any materials, composition, color, style, mood, the possibilities are endless. You can basically have as much fun as you want while creating something unique and different from other artists. Abstract painting is more free and open than other types of painting, there are no restrictions or restraints on how to make and abstract piece.

During this class we also looked at so many examples of abstract paintings. From Jackson Pollock to Mark Rothko. Each painting varied in size, and looking at them in a book rather than in person you miss the scale of the painting. Some of the ones we looked at were huge compared to looking at them on paper. One commonality between all of these abstract paintings is that they are all extremely complex, they make you wonder how they were created. It was also interesting to try and figure out how each abstract painting between these artists was made, like what materials they used and how they made certain colors.


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