Rings: Bezels and Tubing 

In my Advanced Jewelry class there is a new assignment every week. The assignment is due the next week only giving you six days to complete it. This past week I was assigned to make two rings. One ring was to be made with bezel wire which is very thin and flat. Bezels are for cabochon stones which are rounded on top and flat on the bottom. The second was a ring with a tube setting. Tube settings are usually for faceted stones such as a diamond.

Out of the two rings I really loved the tube set ring which is to the right in the featured image. It was also the most difficult to do. The metal was very thick and in order to set the stone I had to file it thinner. It takes time, patience and a lot of practice. I only made it harder for myself by adding the two circles made from tubing on either side of the stone. It made it harder to set because they were in the way but I really wanted something extra to the ring. I like making rings because I feel like it doesn’t take that much time and you can come up with a lot of ideas.

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