Island Made 

“Art on the Town” was an unforgettable experience! While I was at the art walk, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing local artists. I knew there was talent within these islands but never took the time to really notice the work of these artists. There was jewelry, clothing, painting etc. and much of the work was hand made by each vendor/artist. Each work of art was unique and so were the artist. There were 3 specific people that stood out to me that day.

One, Sally George who works with the Karibbean Kids organization. They work on a number of projects throughout the year and showcase their work at events similar to the Art Walk. Two, Erie Matthias who specializes in hand crafted jewelry and accessories made from local flora and inspired by African Art. Three, Ensor Colon on Ensor Creations. He is originally from Puerto Rico but now lives in St. Thomas. He is a painter, photographer, and performance artist.

After speaking with each of these artist I was truly inspired! The art was beautiful, unique, hand made…Island Made!

If you would like to contact and or research these artist a bit more here is their contact info:

Sally George, Karibbean Kids:
Erie Matthias, Locally Handcrafted Jewelry on Facebook: Erie Matthias
Ensor Colon, Ensor Creations:




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