The Benefits of Instagram

As aspiring artists and designers during the age of technology, social media is all the rage. From editing the perfect photos to keeping up with our friends and coworkers nonstop, it’s easy to learn the benefits of photography-based apps like Instagram and how they can further (or start) our careers.

Instagram gives individuals the ability to reach the eyes of millions of other users, but it will only TRULY reach the eyes of so many with a lot of hard work and a lot of photos to offer. Keeping your Instagram account constantly updated is essential for people to notice your work (if your last post was in November of 2012 it doesn’t give people an idea of how you have progressed as an artist and what your work is like today). Posting often can help draw attention to your account and shows that you are serious about your work. Sometimes, it’s better to have one account for your work alone and a different one for your personal life. That way, those interested specifically in your artwork won’t have to spend time scrolling past pictures of you and your dog to find it.

Neatness and organization is key. In your Instagram bio, you can post a link to your website, state your email address, and/or write a short blurb about your interests as a designer or artist. Maybe pick a theme for your Instagram: lots of stark white backgrounds, hazy tones, or lots of black will tie your Instagram all together and make it come off a bit more professional. It will also add to the ambiance of the account as a whole and show the kind of personality you want to convey.

Lastly, following other artists/designers can really help with gaining inspirations. The more you see, the more your ideas will start to flow. Follow your favorite artists, but also follow accounts involving other interests of yours (i.e. traveling Instagram accounts, sports teams, etc). This will help you maintain your own style, as we can sometimes subconsciously mimic others’ styles after spending too much time looking at their work.

These are just a few tips to hopefully inspire you to share your work with the world! Happy posting!

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