Italian Influence: Design

Since arriving in Italy I’ve had many opportunities (every day in fact), to look at ancient and modern Italian arts. As I am personally invested in the ceramic arts, those works have been one of my most enjoyed museum items. Looking at the rich and glorious history of ceramics from the Tuscan region really kicks the creative gears into drive and I’ve had a few projects in mind that are influenced by the beautiful pots that surround me.

One part of what makes Italian pottery unique is the design; the shape and aesthetic choices of the potters when it comes to size, curves, thick/thinness and things like that. The other main thing is the copious decoration and fantastic glazing that adorns most Italian ceramics. The method of decoration used is known as majolica and is very easy to recognize.

What I wanted to do with this first influenced project is to really go after the first of those unique characteristics and focus on form and shape. I practiced shapes I’ve seen in museums and shop windows and eventually I landed on a vessel that very much could fit right in on an exhibition shelf, but which also stood alone in its own way. The decoration was reminiscent partially of my own customary style but also incorporates things from the regional work that I’ve picked up.

All in all What I wanted to achieve was a vessel that was clearly made through original Italian influence but which carried its own style as well.

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