It’s More than Coffee

One of the most famous coffee stops across the USA is Starbucks. Not only does it have an amazing Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino (my personal favorite), it has awesome graphic design. I love going to the stores and seeing the new mugs or packaging design they have. There’s nothing better than enjoying a tasty drink in a cute cup.

The way they do graphic design is very unique. They go for the trendy styles and execute them perfectly. They are always creating something new, which Starbucks customers like me love. While I was recently in the Baltimore airport traveling to Tampa, FL to leave for a cruise I just had to purchase one of these cute ampersand mugs on my way onto the plane.

I could not leave it behind, not only because I needed a cup of coffee, but mainly because it had a typographic pattern on it. All of their designs are intriguing and unique!

Next time you visit a Starbucks check out their design style it is definitely one of my favorite places to go. Look further then the cute mugs and check out their signage and packaging, you won’t regret it.

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