New Year, New Goals

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you had a lot of fun with all your families, and now that 2018 has started, I know you all probably have some cool goals set for yourselves! It may be getting healthier or stopping some bad habits… As for me, mine are art related, of course!

Firstly I want to draw more for myself. Last year I did a lot of work for commissions and to gather followers on my instagram. While that was fun, I want to put the fun back into art for myself. I think last year I focused a lot on others, but this year I want to create at least one piece for myself a month.

Using my handy dandy sketchbooks, which I will end up using a lot I suppose, I’ll do research and give myself creative freedom to make studies and thumbnails. I thankfully got a new mini sketchbook for Christmas, so I can take it with me where ever I go in case inspiration strikes. It will also be very useful when traveling, because I plan to do that as well.

This leads to my second resolution, where I hope to do a lot of en plein air sketching and painting. Doing things from life is a great way to learn to draw and paint things. Even for an illustration major, someone who may want to draw more cartoons or fantasy than out of life, completed art can look a lot better when you have real life to reference from.

plein air painting

The last time I plein air painted was last spring!

If I get to travel and see different things to draw, it will also expand my horizons and help me create things I wouldn’t have done before. With different views and inspirations, I can break out of the art blocks I feel like I’ve had these past couple of months. I’m excited to expand my subjects and ideas.

Lastly, I want to create one big project for myself. Towards the end of 2017 I was really into board games and I saw that some classes had gotten to create a board game for themselves. I think I want to see if with my new skills from my art projects during the year, I will be able to create something I can be proud of and expand my portfolio in interesting ways.

That’s all for now guys, hope you have a great new year! If you have your own art related resolutions, let me know I’d love to hear them! Until next week, keep on creating!

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