It’s Starting

This week I started my final sculpture for the Paris exhibit. I am really like it so far. I actually bought crayola air dry clay so I wouldn’t have to hollow it out to put into the kiln. I made this sculpture a lot bigger than the sketch one I talked about last week. I still have to decide if I want to keep it white or color is or even just put a clear coat over it to make it shiny. I had to look at some different drawing of the muscles to see the proportions of the body. I have to say it was way more difficult that I expected. I was having a really bad art day and I made here different sculptures and I ended the day with none. Then I finally had a good art day and I made this sculpture in about 2 and a half hours. Because of Easter break I did not get to work on it any more but when I get back I am going to carve more into it and play around to see what I like. I might buy some spray paint and paint it a glossy black or brown so that way  people would be able to see the details better as hey walked around it. As always I have more thinking to do, haha. I am really happy with what I have so far so hopefully this one turns out good and I don’t have to make a 5th sculpture! By next week I will definitely have a finished product that I can talk about and I am really excited about this!

I actually like the back of my sculpture better than the front at the moment. I think the front looks a little more cartoon-like compared to the back so I have to blend some more and make it look more natural. My biggest challenge was the face and head because I thought it ways really difficult to get it right. I think I had like 10 heads before I decided on this one. I have to give sculptors so much credit in how effortless they make their figures look because people definitely have to put a lot of hard work into them!!


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