It’s the Thought that Counts 

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re a college student you know that buying presents for everyone can leave you broke. There’s a way, however, to save money and to bring out your inner artist: Get personal. Even if you got a little gift for someone, you can make it personal by how you wrap it or present it. Sometimes it can mean more than the gift itself. If you know someone likes butterflies then maybe you can make some butterflies out of paper and glue them to the wrapping paper. It’s fun and could be relaxing too.

My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our first Christmas together so I wanted to make it special for him. I got him a few things but I decorated the gifts with the theme from our favorite game. I made a box out of foam board that was less than a dollar and then hot glued it together. You can use this idea and then decorate it however you want. Not only does it hide the gifts but the person can still use it after. It’s like giving an extra gift!

Can’t find a card that says what you want it too? Make one! I used construction paper then took the time to decorate it how I wanted to. Now I can write what I want from the heart. If you’re good with computers then that’s even better! You can get really crazy with cards by adding pictures or other cool designs that the person might like.

Just remember everyone is struggling to get through the holidays without breaking the bank. Just thinking of a person can mean a whole lot if you take the time to make personal touches to gifts. Even if they are small; it’s the thought that counts.


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