Last year when this blog began, I wrote a story about one of my first really emotional pieces of work. The post was called HE[ART], and it really meant a lot to me to share. Now, being that I am planning my senior art exhibit, I feel it appropriate to both reflect on that piece and also give it a chance to be reborn.

That original piece, a full sized embroidered human heart, has been reviewed and chosen to be put on display as a way to showcase my accomplishments at Marywood over the past four years. It is something that I am extremely proud of and that I have a deep connection to. This time around, as I am once again completing a fall semester, I feel as though the heart needs to come back into my portfolio; this time with a different spin. I decided to rethink how it will be displayed, the color scheme, the size, as well as the thought behind it. This heart will not so much be a representation of a struggle I dealt with but more so of a time in my life where I have realized it is okay to feel the way I felt last year, and that I can go back and look at things differently. This piece will show my peace with the things I cannot control in my life as well as show my evolution as an artist. So, coming up on almost a year of blogging I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to get to know me and my work; I sincerely hope I can continue to grow as an artist and a writer. Until next time!

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