Hey everyone, I just got home from Japan a few days ago and I think I’m finally getting over being jet lagged. I wanted to spread my trip over the course of two posts because I walked around A LOT. This post I wanted to focus on my visits to Kamakura.

I stayed in Yokosuka on Naval Base with my uncle who is a captain. Yokosuka is about an hour and a half south of Tokyo, right next to Tokyo Bay.

Location of the naval base in Yokosuka

Kamakura was a 20-30 minute short train ride away so my aunt took my friend Akira and I there for a day trip. We got to see the great Buddha (Daibutsu), the Hasadera temple, and the Hokokuji temple which had a beautiful bamboo forest. One really cool thing about visiting temples and shrines is that you can buy a thing called a “goshuin” where you pay 300-500 yen (roughly 3-5 USD) and for each Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple you visit, you can pay to get a stamp/calligraphy specific for that temple or shrine placed in your goshuin.

My personal favorite of Kamakura was seeing the Buddha, a huge bronze statue resting peacefully in the countryside. It was breathtaking and I would go back in a heartbeat. Everyone basically had the week off since it was New Year’s which meant a lot of people were visiting temples and shrines to pray.

Finally, here are some shots from the Hokokuji Temple (the bamboo forest). This one had plenty to see and lots of open space to walk around. There was a koi pond and I tried some matcha tea while sitting down and enjoying the peaceful scenery.

I had a really wonderful time in the rural parts of Japan. I have to thank my Aunt and Uncle for graciously taking time out of their schedule to show my best friend, Akira, and I around and I’ll be uploading photos of Tokyo and Yokohoma for next week’s post!

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