Jewelry III Project Outline 

This semester I’m taking Jewelry III so I have more freedom to come up with my own line of projects. I love casting pieces so I would like to do a lot more casting projects. I have a ring design that involves two rings coming together which I would like to do in gold. It will also involves stone setting which is something I hope to improve in. For these rings I already ordered the stones because it would be too difficult to cut them to the small size that I need.

I also plan to cast a pendant for my mom and set the first stone that I cut and polished into it. I’m excited for this piece because I am going to attempt to cast coral to make the pendant. Lastly, there are a set of elf cuff earrings that I wanted to solder together. I had made one out of wire wrapping once but I wanted to make a pair that were more sturdy. I’m still working out the design for them and what kind of metal I wanted to use. If I have any extra time at the end of the semester I would like to make some more pieces but this is what I am most looking forward to making in my Jewelry III class.

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