Teapot Time

Hi guys! Well my pitcher from last week didn’t make it through the process, and it succumbed to a trimming injury (I trimmed through the bottom of the pot), but that’s part of ceramics, nothing is ever guaranteed! So this weekend I went to the studio and decided to begin making a teapot.

Lately I’ve been very interested in slip decoration on pots, and it’s something I want to explore in my work this semester. A potter I follow on Instagram, Kris Neal (fireandearthpottery), has been posting a lot of videos of him working with slip on pots. Inspired, I attempted to do something similar on my teapot! The added slip on a piece tends to give the pot a better sense of movement, and adds an organic factor to admire. I have been watching Kris’ videos for weeks, and I finally got the chance to try some slip decorating myself!

Once I finished forming the shape of the pot, I applied a handful of slip to the pot while it was still turning. I did this two or three times, and then I took my metal rib and swiped it up the pot multiple times. The result it so cool! I can’t wait to pick out a glaze to accent the slip work. My next task is to make a lid (small bowl pictured below), a spout and a handle for this beauty! I think I’m going to try and keep the flow of the pot and do some slip work on each piece as well. Check back for updates!



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