Drawing Experiments

Is it possible to create something and really have no idea why you created it? Something that was quite spontaneous? Well, this is that something!


“Funky” 18×24

Lately, I’ve been working in my large 18 by 24 drawing pad just to see what I can come up with. I do not really draw as much as I would like so these past few months I’ve been experimenting with that. For this drawing specifically, I aimlessly drew a bunch of wavy, organic lines. I kept going until I felt I got to a good point, a point in which seemed balanced to me. Of course, I did add lines along the way to fill in any spots that felt empty.

Next, I chose my medium. At first I wanted to use paint but experimented with it first because I was not sure if that was the look I was really going for. I was glad I tested it out first because I did not like it, it was not the look I wanted. To me, it looked very flat. I sat for a little and decided what I could use next and I thought to myself “colored pencils, maybe?” I knew I wanted some sort of color blending to take place and then remembered I had my watercolor colored pencils, which are these colored pencils I acquired that transform into watercolor when you brush water over the colored area. I experimented with them a few times so I knew their capability. I arranged the pencils on the floor and paired up the colors I wanted to blend together. The first two pairs I had was blue and purple and blue and green. For some reason those are my go to colors to pair with one another. There is something so pleasing when I see them together. I also decided sharpie would be playing a role as well. I wanted to black out some areas to separate the color pairs from one another in order for them to stand out. I also experimented with some glitter crayons I had, so a few of those colored patches are crayon. I wanted to see how it would look and add a different element to the piece.

I started on the left side of the drawing pad and made my way over to the right. I would color a good amount in and then brush the water over so I could see the effect it would have. I was instantly pleased!

I can honestly say I am not sure why I created this, it sort of just happened. As mentioned I was aimlessly drawing these wavy, organic lines and simply went on from there. I would definitely say I am happy with the piece, it is a good project I gave myself. I would consider it an experimental piece, I had no intentions really but to see what would happen, what I could create.

Overall, I do admire the fact I did step out of my usual creating comfort zone especially with the colors. I rarely ever use as much color especially all at once but I feel it worked out nicely. This is something I definitely want to attempt again. Looking at the piece I am very pleased yet feel I can push it a little more and touch upon some areas. Looking at the piece now with fresher eyes, I feel I favor the left side over the right side because of the more traveled line I have, they are not as short and create more of a path. That is something I want to keep throughout the whole piece next time!


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