This past week I have been working on journal entries for my art therapy internship class. The project consists of doing little pictures and writing stories that I have experienced at my internship sites. This semester I am doing hours at a local daycare and an Assisted Living Facility.

At the daycare there is this little girl who I play with every time I am there. One time, we were making art and she was drawing a “snow woman.” She clearly drew breasts on this snow woman. Ashley, my roommate, asked her what those were and she replied, “You know.” The she proceeded to yell, “boobies.” It was just so funny because you can see how children really do not have a filter with what they say. They say whatever is on their mind, and that is why I want to work with children and art therapy. I do not think that I will ever hear from a child, “I am not any good at art,” or “I cannot do that,” unlike adults I will hear that from. Children will always be more willing to be creative and try different kinds of art because it does not matter if it “good” or “bad,” but whether or not it is fun for them to do. They only care if they like the art that they are making and if it makes them happy when they look at it. Sometimes children will make art that we cannot even tell what it is in any way, but they can sit there for a half hour and tell you all about the “thing” they drew and what it means to them. I think it is fantastic!


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