Junior Year

Now that I can say school is finally over for all of us at Marywood University, I would like to recognize my year as a whole. Being surrounded by a lot of inspiring artist, professors and classmates, really leaves a mark on me.

I had the joy of having the following Graphic Design classes:

  1. Advanced Typography
  2. History of Graphic Design
  3. Graphic Design II
  4. Graphic Design III
  5. Web Design and Interactive Media
  6. Art in the Modern Era
  7. Interactive Design II

I had the chance to learn so much from my amazing professors, Christine Medley, Sue Jenkins, John Meza, and Stephen Brower. All four of these teachers are amazing inspirations.

All in all, I feel what I love most about Marywood is the uniqueness of each professors design style and skill. You can learn a little about everything from all of them, and most of all you know who to run to for certain issues.

What I loved most about the curriculum I had this year was how much new stuff I learned. I had a lot of projects that introduced me to new processes and techniques. My web-designs classes pushed me to the next level by working with interactive web-design, in others words fluid design vs static.

I was also surprised to find that History of Graphic Design was one of my favorite classes as well. It was a cool experience to find where graphic design started and inspiring artist that influenced it.

Advanced Typography was another class that showed me a lot of new things. It was fun to learn all things hand lettering and proper settings for most typographic aspects in design.

Through it all I was happy to complete my junior year at Marywood and have a lot of new skills to continue using in my designs.

One thought on “Junior Year

  1. oh sigh. I’ve been wanting to get my bachelors in graphic designing so badly but they don’t offer it at the unis i’m applying at. So i figured I’d get a bachelors in business administration then see if i prefer interior or graphic designing. It’s such a drag, the whole choosing business. I’m glad you had such a good experience!! Best of luck for all your future endeavors!

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