Just Getting Started

After writing last week’s article, I was ready to start my summer work. To start off the summer, I wanted to begin with oil paints. I do not use oils often, but when I do, I really enjoy the end product. Having not used oils in a while, it seemed to be the perfect medium to begin my summer with.

Oil paints are a different kind of paint, but are definitely worth working with. They take a longer time for the paint to fully settle, but this time gives more chances to practice mixing and try out new ideas. I know starting this painting, I wanted to keep the motion throughout the painting with the oils. From prior work with oil paints and palette knives, I know palette knives are a good tool for adding motion to a painting, instead of just mixing paints. Using a pointed palette knife helped me to add smaller strokes of paint to give the movement I wanted. Although this is just the start of the painting, I can see this movement working throughout the entire canvas. There is no exact “plan” for this piece so there may be adjustments at the end, but as for now, here are my progress shots!

Hopefully this exact motion stays consistent throughout the painting. I will keep you all updated on the progress and the product!

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