Just for Fun

Sometimes the projects you have weigh down on your artistic thinking. Though you’re not necessarily constrained to one particular way of thinking, you don’t always feel like you can create something 100% you. You have to worry about the audience you’re presenting to, who you need to appeal to, etc. So what can you do to remedy this feeling of being “boxed in”?

Unbox yourself!

Create something for you and you alone. I have multiple posters I created for myself decorating my walls. What’s better than having something you both love and made covering your walls?

Whether it’s fanart, a decorated bucket list, or some random and fun design you just came up with, create it and showcase it! And make it something you really love.

These are some works I have hanging around my room!

littlemermaid2 bucketlist tangled

(can you tell I love Disney?)

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