Showing Some Light

This post is about some of my gallery photographs from Paris. This is the first time I have had a gallery showing of my photographs. I only had 2 weeks to work on my photographs to get them ready, matted, and framed. But I did it! I have spent so much time in the darkroom, working on my precious, that I think I have transformed into the creature Golem. The gallery reception was a great time, there was a big turnout, and MOST of my professors showed up to see our work.

One of our assignments while we were in Paris was not to take the standard tourist photographs, but to capture light in different ways. I just smiled when Mark Webber and Ryan Ward  (Faculty advisers in Paris) were explaining the project; little did they know I was a light-chasing Jedi! So after looking through some of my contact sheets these are the ones they choose.

What a great adventure I am having! Marywood is AWESOME!!! I say that now but compare this post in a few weeks when finals are around and see if I am singing the same tune!

I still have so many negatives to go through and make prints. I will be printing for a very long time. So back to the darkroom! I need to build up my portfolio if I am going to get into Grad school. So more shooting and back to the Darkroom. I am always looking for ideas, so tell me what you think.

4 thoughts on “Showing Some Light

  1. Great set here. You’ve created great texture and depth with the light. Love the shot of the faces by the door.

    1. Thanks! Higher ISO film is the best, first time shooting with it. The feel that the grain gives makes me want shoot it all the time! Just price of 3200 film is crazy.

      1. We stopped stocking 3200 film where I worked because of that reason. It’s a shame really. You can’t really beat film for its feel. I’ve just finished a series in Sicily in black and white ISO 400. Just because it look amazing. Didn’t shoot much digital!

      2. It is a shame that film is a dying art, and it is exactly that, ART! i love to see an idea formed and grown through out the whole process.

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