The First Friday show was fantastic! After seeing the space set up Thursday evening I knew it was going to be a success. It was one of those experiences that kinda just comes together with little to no fuss or complications, a sign of a good situation! This show was my second one doing with this group and I believe this will become a reoccurring thing for future showings (once we all paint up new stuff of course!). We all work very well together and some of our work share similarities that helped us greatly with the set up! For example, Local Artist and Marywood alum, Matt Catanzaro was featured in the group. His works are slightly surreal and based around figural abstraction so our work occupied the same area of the gallery, where as Annachira and Jordan Slaters works more complimented each other, along with pieces from Artists David Truitt and Michael Swanson, so their work occupied the other parts of this HUGE place! nothing was out of place and everything had a home, it really looked amazing!

The turn out was great, we had a steady stream of people coming in and out for most the night. Not too bad for an art show in the midst of covid, we all proudly wore our masks and kept a good social distance thanks to the huge space (that I believe at one point was an American eagle clothing store) that served remarkably well as art gallery, who knew! All in all it was yet another great time sharing artwork with fellow artists with the community and I cannot wait for the next one, below are a bunch of pictures taken at the show, enjoy!

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