Planning Projects

Anyone who’s taken a ceramics course at school before knows that nearing the last few weeks you stop making new pieces. This is becuase you need time for everything to dry before you can bisque and glaze it which takes another week all together. So really you end up with a solid 2-3 weeks that you’ve got left without any projects you can keep.

It’s very important to take advantage of the time you have to get work done, things you’re proud of and would show to a potential client or buyer even in a portfolio for employers. Wrapping up this semester I had one last project in mind and was happy to have gotten it done almost just how I imagined.

Here is the initial stages of the brown trout sculpture I was working on this week. at first the details dont matter because it’s about getting down the shape and profile of your subject. You can see the suggestive shapes here and the beginnings of gills and facial structure going on.

Continuing on I began to refine the overall shape and add details down the body. The form was designed to fit on a vessel that I threw specifically for it so each part was being tailored to fit together in the end.

Finally seeing the sculpture being put together with the bottle was nice. I altered the bottle from its original thrown form to give it a much more organic flow, and then put a slip design on to mimic a watery surface. The glazing comes next and could make or brake this depending how it comes out.

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