Etching Stained Glass

As I have been experimenting with glass paint, etching is one of the most successful techniques I have used to achieve detail.

To do this, I cut a piece of glass, clean it, and brush on an opaque layer of black paint. When mixed with water and a touch of gum arabic, the paint will be resistant to rubbing off but will maintain a perfect texture to scrape off clean lines with a toothpick. Sharpening the ends of one of my brushes created the perfect tool to work with. A light table is a necessity for painting glass in order to ensure the paint is the correct thickness and to manipulate the amount of light showing through. Once the etching is completed and the excess is gently brushed away, the glass is ready to fire.

Rendition of a textbook drawing of the optic chiasm in the brain

I am finally feeling confident in using glass paint. My new goals include firing multiple layers of paint onto a piece of glass and incorporating painted pieces into a larger project by shaping and soldering them together.

Self Portrait

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