Keeping Busy Over Break

Hi everyone! I hope your break is off to a good start! Unfortunately over break I don’t have access to a studio in order to continue working on ceramics so, until break is over, I’ll have to find some other things to talk about.

This past semester I worked on a series of paintings that were inspired by geodes and agate slices. I intended them to be hung together, but never had the chance to hang them anywhere until now. I used acrylic paint for these pieces, as well as ink, and paint with sparkles in it. I really enjoyed making these paintings, and building off of each one onto the next. I think over break I’ll try and do some more paintings like these, but on a bigger scale. I worked on these pieces simultaneously, which helped me keep them connected. I used a similar color palette for each piece, consisting of mostly pale colors, with a few bright accents and some dark grey blues and blacks for contrast. These four paintings were done on canvas panels, which are just flat pieces of canvas. I decided to hang the series over my bed at home, so I used some command strips to help put them up. It took me a while to decide which order I liked them best in, but I finally found one that worked best for me. The colors in the paintings worked perfect in my room, and I love the fact that it makes my bedroom feel like a gallery now!



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