Gain of Confidence

This past semester, especially towards the end, I really found myself looking back on my work and studying it. I noticed how much I truly improved and it made me very happy. At this point in time, I am finding myself feeling a little bit more confident and proud of what I am creating. Personally, I know confidence is what I lack most in my life. I could say because I am quite meek but the truth is, sometimes its hard to feel confident and I am sure others may feel the same at times no matter what they are majoring in.

For me, I am challenged by feeling confident in what I do or what I create because I think to myself, “I could do better”, “look what everyone else is doing around me, wow that is great”, “this looks nothing like what others are doing”, and the list could go on. I would be lying if I said I never thought those things. But, lately I am really finding myself trying to conquer those thoughts because everyone is different. Everyone has their style, their medium, their techniques, and their color preferences and that is what makes the art world so fantastic! Those are the strengths I am focusing on.

Painting was definitely the medium where I found my greatest improvements in, which I mentioned in my last post, “The Semester, It is Finally Over!“. Painting is something I know for a fact I will focus on throughout my life. I love experimenting with different paints, I love mixing colors, I love how I apply my paint, I love what I create when I paint and if I do not love what I create, I start over even on the same canvas. I actually recently took my paintings from my Painting I class and transformed them into something completely different, I kept some aspects of the old paintings but really changed them up. My sister Tori even took part with this experiment and it made me very happy because she is a very important person in my life and we were doing something together that I have an interest in. I can honestly say I feel very confident with my paintings!

My next confidence builder is drawing. Drawing is definitely the one area I feel a little unease in. My goal is to increase my confidence within that medium and increase my skills. Over the break, I plan to work on my skills. I hope to improve and create some interesting pieces!

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