Keeping Busy with Upcoming Events

Hey everyone,

I don’t know about any of you, but Marywood is keeping me on my toes for the next few weeks. Last week consisted of the Foundations Exhibition in Kresge Gallery, which will be up through 11/2/18. The exhibition opening was Monday 10/22 and was a beautiful turn out to celebrate the successes of last year’s freshman class.

On Tuesday 10/22, Zeta Omicron hosted a scheduling social in the 2nd floor lounge of Inslaco. The event was an opportunity to gather, snack, and sort out the frustration of scheduling together while also inviting fellow art students to meet Zeta.

Up and coming this week will be Zeta’s bake sale on Tuesday 10/30 and Wednesday 10/31, so be sure to stop in for some deliciously spooky treats! Then to wrap up the week will consist of the art department’s trip to New York City, NY on Friday 11/2.

This will be my third time joining the art department on one of their field trips, and it’s always a great time and great opportunity to study phenomenal art with friends and peers. Next time you see one of these trip, I would highly recommend jumping on your chance to go!

Then feel free to stop by the Kresge Gallery again 11/3-11/17 for the Zeta Omicron Exhibition! We have a great group of artists, and I’m excited to see what everyone brings.

Also, hurry in to The Maslow Study Gallery for Contemporary Art to see the CONNECT: The College of Arts and Sciences Selects from The Maslow Collection show while you can! The show is only on exhibit until Friday 11/2, then you can look forward to the upcoming exhibition- a collaboration between The Maslow Collection and Dr.Irwin’s Northern Renaissance art history course!

As always, please feel free to comment or email me with any questions or comments regarding the blog or any of the events discussed.

Have a great day and thanks for the read!

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