Keeping it Traditional

The age of the computer is a very overwhelming and forward-moving time to be in. It is hard to argue the incredible usefulness and time-saving functions of computers but they also have massive potential to be time-wasters and to suck out the energy and creativity of even the most driven artists.

I definitely enjoy creating digital projects. I draw and paint digitally much like I do with traditional media and i’ll also create things that I never would by hand. Some of my most refined projects were accomplished due to digital media and yet I always return to traditional pens and pencils.

The tangibility of holding your pencil, putting it on the raw sheet of paper and feeling the compression of graphite and paper underhand is an un-match-able experience. No matter how quick, cool, or useful computer generated art can be in my mind it simply does not match the joy of traditional media.

I always have at least two sketchbooks going at a time and one of them is typically a small portable book that I can bring along on trips or excursions. In this way, at any given moment I can sit down and get something on paper. Whether it’s a portrait from an antique photo, a drawing of something on my desk, or a chart of Flies that I’m looking to tie.

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