Online Gallery Reflection: Sarah Sze

This week, I found an online gallery showcasing the works of Sarah Sze, a contemporary artist who creates sculptures, installation pieces, paintings, and multi-media works of art.

In this exhibit, Sze plays with the concept of how we perceive art and it’s “frames.”

Sculpture spills from its edge into the world in this very complex way that isn’t bound by the frame. In painting, the world spills into the frame, and sometimes we confuse that frame with the world.
—Sarah Sze

Her idea of the perfect painting is a painting within a painting. She approaches her works as if they were a sculpture, and her sculptures as if they’re paintings. This helps her with creating a sense of space inside of the work itself. Her art is an attempt to create a portal into the mind.

Sarah Sze, Quartet (Mondrian Suite), 2019

While viewing her paintings, I noticed that she started with an under-painting with a collage witch is an interesting concept. The works are very busy and complex, with layers of images and different paint marks overlapping one another to make one cohesive work of art.

Sarah Sze, Plein Air (Times Zero), 2020

Her sculpture/ installation is created to make you feel like you are where it is created she uses small images and films in her sculptures. When you walk into the room and the light shines through the sculpture to create a painting on the wall. When you watch the small film of what is projected by her sculpture and then view her paintings its is very interesting how you can instantly see the similarities and make connections between her works.

You can view more photos from this exhibit here.

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