Keeping the Tradition 

Many families dye eggs for Easter but not many know the story of how the tradition started. In pagan traditions, the egg is a symbol of new life. The egg is also associated with festivals to celebrate spring. In Christian traditions, the egg represents Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. During lent, in the 13th century, eggs were considered a dairy product and couldn’t be eaten. The eggs were painted to mark the end of lent and eaten on Easter Day.

In the Bible, after Jesus ascended, Mary went to the emperor of Rome. She she told him that Jesus had risen but he didn’t believe her. He said, “Christ has not risen no more than that egg is red.” The egg on the table in the room turned red right after he finished his sentence.

The tradition of dying eggs is still a part of many families’ Easters. There are different ways people decorate them but the origin is still the same.

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