Coffee Pour-Overs

This past week in studio, we unloaded a kiln that I had some test pieces in. I’ve been practicing and playing around with coffee pour over forms, which I am finding are pretty trendy and popular among most people (or most people who drink coffee, and that’s pretty much the same thing). I used the pour overs to try some new glaze combinations I might like as well. For the first, I used an iron oxide that usually turns a rusty red to create some simple, organic decorations on the set, and applied two transparent glazes over the design. I was surprised to see that the reactions during the firing turned the decorations blue rather than a deep red, but that is information I will definitely be using in the future.

20160321_184230For the second pour over, I wanted to try creating some more interesting contrast in the pieces. I used a shiny, blue glaze to glaze the top portion of the conical insert and the top portion of the mug, and a matte, yellow glaze to finish off the bottoms. It was a bit risky, seeing as how I wasn’t sure the results would be harmonious, but I found that what I enjoy most about the combination is the fact that there are bits of deep reds in both color fields, uniting top and bottom, and I have the kiln gods to thank for that.


I posted a photo of this pour over on my personal Instagram page (@epilon_ceramics), and I was happy to hear I wasn’t the only one who like the glaze combination! The results were so popular I have a few more commissions on my hands now, which is great. I love making work for people that they can really take pride in, and help them treasure the slow moments in their day, like their morning cup of coffee. More great info for the next group of things to glaze, and more sharing of what I love most.

One little aside: EMPTY BOWLS IS DAYS AWAY! By the time you read this post, the kiln load with the last of the glazed bowls will have been unloaded! There is evidently lots of activity going on in the ceramics studio, but nonetheless, we will be rearing to go on Friday afternoon, ready to shell out bowls and ice cream! Again the address is 507 Linden Street in downtown Scranton, and we will be open between 6 and 9 pm. Please help us help Meals on Wheels of NEPA and the hungry in our area!


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