Keeping Up With The Trends

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone had a nice Easter with their friends and family. Over my Easter break I was asked about my future design career. Although I have artists in my family, they still are not familiar with what I do. One question I was asked was “what is your favorite design trend?” Well my friends, that brings me to this weeks post: Why the minimal meets bold color designs are my favorite 2019 design trend.

According to Adobe’s Blog, minimal designs with bold color ranks number 2 in design trends for 2019. The concept features a clean and simple designs that are not cluttered. With a clean and simple design the designer has a chance to explore the wild world of color and really be able to but a simple design over the top. You can always tell which designs are mine when they are lined up against others because I love a nice minimal design with pops of color! Although it is a current trend, and where I feel the strongest, over the summer I want to really play with the number one design trend… which is 3D design. Until recently, most designers created 2D pieces. With AR and VR becoming prevalent in the tech industry, designers had to morph their thought process and designs. 3D designs are popping up all over, especially on websites. With 3D designs it allows typography to be enhanced. With 3D fonts, any piece is sure to stand out in the crowd.

With all of that being said, staying on top of design trends allows you to be invaluable. It is important to have your own style however, designers need to be chameleons. What I mean by that is we need to always be researching, and evolving our designs so we can create the best pieces for our clients.  

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