Kieron Williamson

Kieron Williamson was born on August 4, 2002 in Holt Norfolk, England. He always had an inclination for art from a young age. At the age of 6, he began to paint and the results were shocking. His paintings were awe inspiring for many people. Kieron’s skills were that of a seasoned artist and despite his age, surpassed those who had been working for years. He is known as a “prodigy” in this area. His first painting was sold for 14,000 euros. People lined up to see the paintings displayed. In 2013, the total sum of sales came to a stunning 1,500,000 euros. To this day, he still follows his passion and paints and sells wonderful pieces in both oil and watercolor mediums.

Kieron Williamson is an inspiration to me as an illustrator despite him being solely a painter. I found it extremely motivating that someone so young could skillfully paint at the caliber in which he does. I enjoy painting landscapes and will occasionally study his pieces; looking at his color choices, effortless brush strokes, and his compositions. As an illustrator, I apply all of these concepts in my work. I believe that looking at other artists in different mediums can influence and better your skills, even if it is entirely foreign to you.


Oil Painting – 2010

Above is a painting done by Kieron in 2010. My favorite part about this landscape is the sky. The swirling brushstrokes in the sky and on the ground are contrasted extremely well. The clouds are painted in a swirling motion and the tall grass is placed in quick vertical motions.

Below is, The Old Fishing Boat (2017) which is a wonderfully done plein air painting. Since this was done on the spot, there have to be adjustments done to correct the lighting change. Overall, the color choices are mostly greens, browns, and blues, and the lesser oranges as well. My favorite aspect of this painting are the brush strokes. It looks like Kieron did not overthink the placement of strokes and threw down his color. You can even see the wash behind the heavier later brushstrokes. This is a perfect representation of my favorite style of painting.

KIERON WILLIAMSON - Old Fishing Boat.png

The Old Fishing Boat, Oil – 2017

The most interesting part about Kieron is that he has improved exponentially despite the fact that he was so talented as a child. It goes to show no matter how skilled you are, you can always learn more and better yourself.

Take a look at his website to learn more about him and see his paintings —


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