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Hi guys! This week I want to talk about some of my favorite tutorial websites. I tend to watch a lot of YouTube, so much that I pay for YouTube Red and don’t regret a single cent! But there’s a lot of other places you can learn from online as well and you wouldn’t even know!

screenshot of youtube

To start, yes YouTube has a plethora of cool videos you can watch and learn from. Simply searching for the right keywords can get you speed drawings so you can get into some artist’s processes. There are also some artists who teach on there, for example Marco Bucci, who teach from their experiences as professionals. Marco Bucci has a lot of wonderful classes where he talks about things like color, composition, and the industry.

skillshare screenshot

Another great resource is Skillshare. While a lot of people talk and advertise for it, it is a great place to learn techniques. Whats cool about Skillshare is that they break up their videos into different lessons, so all the lessons can be watched in chunks or into a long lesson that goes from start to finish! There you can also search for specific things, like hand lettering or going from idea to a finished piece.


Lastly, one that has sprung up a lot recently when they added their creativity tags, Twitch.tv. This place is cool because artists can livestream their creation processes, but twitch also does special days where they air Bob Ross episodes! They usually air them for full days too, so if you think you missed an episode, you always have another chance!

screenshot of bob ross on twitch

I think its great we have all these resources available to us, and its great to take advantage of it. With all the things available to us these days, we can continue learning during long breaks, or if we have the sudden meed to become an expert in something new. For example I’ve really been into typography, so Skillshare has been really useful! YouTube is also super great to learn from, and I even love learning from different user’s sketchbook flip through videos (which I’m super obsessed with!). Twitch can be fun, for any time I want to relax and just watch someone else paint a cool picture.

Are there any other places you guys go to learn online? Let me know in the comments! Until next week, keep on creating!

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