Learning Oil Pastels

I had done some things with oils pastels before but was never really able to manipulate the material properly. For me it always turned out like I was coloring with crayons. So finally I decided to try again with them. I was tired of the messiness of painting but I still wanted to work with color. I had an unopened pack of oil pastels so it was finally time to use them. Bananas

YouTube, and the gloriousness that it is, had a bunch of tutorials showing me how to use oil pastels. I only watched a few to get the hang of it and do a few practice sketches. Some things that I found interesting about oil pastels is that it is called ‘painting with oil pastels’ and and there are different techniques to blend.

So I practiced with painting fruit and veggies, some things that I have drawn before and some things I haven’t. I really liked the medium and think that I will be using it a lot in the future as an alternative to more messy paints.

Garlic and potatoes

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