Art Connects Us All Part 3

Today I will be talking about my final step before my fashion show and that is working with my models. Models are very important in the fashion show because they are walking down with your garment on. Every audience member are looking at each of your models and they all should be dressed in a certain way that is cohesive. When I put the order of my show together I always considered color coordinating my clothes. I want my clothes to tell a story. I think about how big the dress is or if the dress is form fitting. I also consider it the dress is see-through what the model should be wearing underneath. That is what I will be addressing today.

Here I will be giving you five things you should inform your models to have for the fashion show.

Gabby’s modeling tips:

What to pack in your model bag: 

Models bag essentials

Models bag essentials

1. A bottle of water – to keep your hydrated, they won’t always have them supplied.

2. Snacks – something easy to eat that isn’t messy. The client doesn’t want your sticky hands all over their silk dresses.

3. Fashion tape – Double sided tape will save you if your garment is slipping or too revealing, check with the designer or a dresser before using it to make sure it won’t damage the garment.

4. Nude undergarments – A nude or black strapless bra, Nude or black underwear are basically your model uniform. Go for super plain designs without any branding or patterns and the more seamless the better. 

5. A portable phone battery – It will stressful if you can’t call someone to pick you up or meet with you after the show.

6. Wear something simple – A button up shirt and skirt or pants are great because its easy to get off after having your hair done. Simple is easier, you might have to get changed a few times and that fancy blouse that buttons up at the back will be a pain to get on and off.

7. A change scarf – A small scarf to put over your head when changing so that you don’t smudge the makeup, mess up the hair or stain the garment.

8. Perfume – Only spray it before getting changed if you need it. Never spray it after you are in your outfit as it could stain. You should always be wearing a invisible deodorant that won’t leave stains on the clothes, and will keep you smelling fresh.

This is a list I give to my models two weeks before the shows, therefore they can be prepared for whatever garment they may be put in or any last outfit changes. Please go check out my last blog Art Connects Us All, Part 2  stay tuned for next week!

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