A Little Late

Asking for a friend: Is it too late for spring cleaning?

Last week, I drove to Marywood with grand plans to clean and reorganize my studio space, which has remained pretty much untouched since last semester ended. When I arrived, I found there has been a lot of rearranging going on inside the sculpture studio! With so much activity happening around my space, I decided to go into the jewelry studio and do some work on my bench instead.

I started by cleaning out any junk materials and papers that I no longer needed, then moved on to rearranging my tools and restocking my supply of sandpaper. I also got a brand new set of metal files for myself and was feeling QUITE pleased (it doesn’t take much, honestly). After I had everything in place, I decided to try and tackle reorganizing my locker in my studio. I got no further than opening the doors and realizing I had a ton of scrap metal that I could use to start some projects. Back to the jewelry bench I went…

So now I have the beginnings of a few pairs of earrings and necklaces, as well as an idea for a wire wall hanging, but have yet to make progress on my studio. Spring cleaning can wait a few more days.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018

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