Painting Some Sneakers

Hey guys!

This past week I decided I wanted to practice some things I learned at school, mostly painting from life. I have wanted to paint a pair of converse for a long time, especially high top red ones. I started out with taking a pic of them, then I painted my canvas red as a middle ground. I followed that with painting my lines in a dark blue, and just began adding colors. I wanted to keep a bright and almost sketchy graphic look to them, so I made sure to continue to add some lines on top of what I painted, to keep that sort of line art look to the painting. Over all, I’m pretty proud of what I made.

Here are some process pics!

Photo of sneakersMiddle stage of sneaker paintingFinished Painting of sneakers

Hope you guys like it, and maybe it’ll inspire someone out there to paint something! Have a great week!

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