Lesson Learned

Hi all! So as you can see, my teapot is finally finished! I used a glaze called “Ferg” and I’m super happy with it. It runs from orange/pink to a yellow green. I love all of the variation it holds. I keep finding new subtle colors in the piece, which holds your interest. Although I’m happy with the outcome of the pot, this teapot was a learning piece for me. I haven’t made many teapots, and I must admit this one was rushed, which you can never do in ceramics. First things first, I made my spout way to low on my pot! This teapot only holds a small amount of liquid before it starts to overflow out of the spout (oops!). When I was making the pot I was focusing strictly on form and aesthetics, not function- which was a silly mistake.

Mistake number two. My lid doesn’t have a lip to sit in, so there’s nothing to secure it on top. When I threw the body of the teapot, I didn’t know it was going to be a teapot yet. It’s hard to admit your own mistakes sometimes, but without doing this there’s no way to grow as an artist! You have to be your own critic, and stay modest with your work in order to continue improving. Although I really love how this teapot looks, it isn’t the most functional pot. So it looks this I get to keep this one for myself, and display it somewhere! You live and you learn!

finished teapot

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