Stoppage Sculpture

Last week, I talked about my “stoppage” process based upon Marcel Duchamp’s process. I took a piece of string and dropped it on a piece of cardboard. I then traced the line the string left and cut along the line, repeating this process three times so I would be left with three different tools/”stoppages”. Once I had those, I combined them together to create different shapes. I eventually came up with four shapes I felt passionate about it, which were these four shapes:

Shapes from StoppagesFrom there, I created a sculpture that incorporated those shapes along with incorporating my tools/”stoppages”. At first, I was quite stumped. I did not know what I really wanted to create. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I knew I wanted to work with the idea of motion or interaction because I wanted to pay tribute to Marcel Duchamp and his Readymades. However, after a few hours of thinking, visioning, and arranging, I eventually came up with this:

I was very happy with what I created. I love my pieces that are hanging. It is my favorite aspect of the sculpture. I love the oval shapes and the fact they move especially when they catch a slight breeze. Next time, I would add something to the back of the sculpture because right now there is that harsh contour line. It looks as if the sculpture has a front and a back with I did not intend for. I do think this was a great start to something that could exceed even further, which I have the opportunity to do with different materials. I see this project going far. I am very excited to see where I will go next with this sculpture. As of now I have a few ideas brewing but nothing concrete yet!


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