Lesson Number Two: Graphic Design

I hope you all enjoyed reading my post last week about the first lesson that I taught!  If you haven’t read it yet, it can be found here.

This week I will be teaching a lesson in the Graphic Design 1 class, a culminating project in Adobe Photoshop.  Now, this was a very daunting task, as I have not used Photoshop in three years!  Three years later, and I’m pretty surprised at how fast it all came back to me after a little time playing around with it.

So when I found out that I would be teaching my second observed lesson in the Graphic Design class, I went on over to Pinterest as I always do when I’m in need for new lesson inspiration.  Not once, in any of my curriculum classes, did I ever think to write a lesson for a Graphic’s class- but let me say that I am glad I am writing one now! It will be a great lesson to include in my portfolio!

Within my Pinterest searching, I found some interesting posts that I may use for inspiration for future lessons, like how to make your own emoji or building a house solely with the pen tool.  I realized that I needed to make something that included a variety of Photoshop tools, so I kept searching until I stumbled upon a lesson called “Newimals”.  I loved this idea and can only imagine some of the creatures that my students will come up with!

In this lesson students will be required to merge two or more animals, seamlessly, to create their own species.  Then they must place their “Newimal” into an environment to create a cohesive piece.

Newimals Example 1

Hedgiphant- Hedgehog with an elephant trunk

Newimals Example 2

Lamboo- Lamb head on a birds body

I also love the fact that this lesson gives me a chance to discuss royalties and copyright infringement with my students, as they will be utilizing images of animals from the internet.  This will be a great opportunity to introduce some of my favorite websites for free stock photos:

I cannot wait to share the creatures that my students come up with!  If you have or plan to use this lesson in your own classroom do not hesitate to comment some of the interesting images that you have received as projects!

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