Small Treasures

I have always said that opening a kiln is like Christmas morning!

Everything in it is just like a surprise. Well I had some little beauties in this kiln that I am just elated with! I’ve written about these cups before, but this time I added small handles.  These cups are smaller than I originally wanted- but perfect for tea or a small serving of any drink! The handles are teeny tiny, but are proportionate with the cup. I would really like to experiment making these bigger, and taller! With the same feet/bottom details.

I tried a new glaze combination on these cups, which is a serious risk! There’s no way to predict how a glaze will turn out, but there’s also no fun if I don’t take any risks. This risk payed off- the glaze is gorgeous, and my new favorite. It came out a shiny teal, with some awesome brown specks. I really hope this glaze wasn’t a happy accident and it continues to come out this beautiful- I just glazed a set of 4 bowls with it! Check out the pictures and let me know what you think! I’m tempted to keep these for myself.


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