Let’s Make Some Macrame

This week I am checking in from home. I had an event to attend this weekend and I got to spend the weekend in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. It was a nice break from the summer heat in Florida. I had a great time seeing family and friends I haven’t seen all summer. Once the excitement of seeing everyone was over, I headed to my Grami’s and said, “Let’s do some macrame.”

Macrame is super fun and surprisingly easy. I just learned how to do it awhile back at a workshop my aunt, Beth Carson, had. She does AMAZING macrame work and holds workshops. You must check her work out on her instagram.

When doing macrame, it reminded me a lot of friendship bracelets I use to always make. You use a lot of simple knots to create unique patterns. My Grami taught me a lot about it as well. She even had books from when she was younger. Macrame is a pastime hobby. She use to do it when she was younger and it is now back in style. Grami had three really amazing magazines from when she was younger that we spend time checking out for new ideas and hints.

These magazines have a lot of neat tips and tricks. After doing the workshop with my aunt we were hooked. We bought of spool of string and got knotting. We have completed a few items and can’t stop. Here are some of the final products.

Macrame is a lot of fun, I cant stop and I won’t stop. Its a very therapeutic and easy process. There are so many neat patterns and knots to learn, and Etsy and Pinterest are great places to check them out! It can be frustrating at times, but once you get the hang of it you won’t stop I promise.

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