Our next project for Painting for the Illustrator involves emulating the work of a famous Golden Age Illustrator. I’ve really been looking forward to this. My favorite Golden Age painter is by far J. C. Leyendecker and I’m going to attempt to replicate one of his paintings as best as I can. Well… it’s not really one of his paintings per say. This is actually one of his “sketches”:


But just look at it! Even though it’s only a study it’s beautiful in itself. If I get it half right that would be impressive enough.

Truly, one of the best ways to learn is to copy the masters — but only until you can stand on your own two legs! Needless to say, plagiarism isn’t cool. And that being said, the mark of a good artist is knowing all the rules and then breaking them to suit your needs. That’s where style stems from.

So go go! Learn as much as you can from those people that put the stars in your eyes! (And try your best to not get too intimidated.)

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