LHVA Project Ideas

As mentioned in my last post, I involved myself with the LHVA (Lackawanna Heritage Valley Association) for a mural project. There are some really great concepts and designs floating around. I can tell already I am going to be surrounded by a few great creative geniuses! I decided to work with Francesca Giuliani, another art student here at Marywood. She had an idea that involved bugs and flowers. And, Ryan Hnat, an art educator and Marywood alum who is in charge of the project, suggested creating a grid on one of the walls and placing the bugs and flowers in some sort of pattern through the grid. We are taking that suggestion and ending the grid at one point on the wall only leaving one box at the very top. Then we are incorporating the language arts by adding a poem about bugs and flowers, which I am going to take on. We are going to run with this idea and each of us are going to design a few bugs and flowers and decide what we want to use for the final outcome!

Featured Image: http://sprabhu.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/ladybug_bugs_insects_aphids_beneficial_plants_peppers_.jpg

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