Tradition Creativity

Easter is one of the holidays where my family has a tradition that we create butter lambs. Now you are probably thinking… what on earth is a butter lamb? Well this tradition that we have is we take a 1 lb block of butter and mold it to look like a lamb. We use cloves as the eyes, and cherries for the mouth and the collar that goes around the neck. The great thing about this is that its fun and edible! I have done this for as long as I can remember and it is a great way to keep the tradition within the family and to be creative.

This year my mom and I spiced it up a little and made deviled eggs and turned them into little chicks, and then we made spinach dip and placed it in a bread bowl that we turned into a bunny (all Pinterest ideas)!

Everyone loved seeing the different animals that we created as well as eating them!

Below is a picture of my butter lamb from this year and a picture of the deviled egg chicks!

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