Licensing In Art Therapy

Hello again everyone! Now that the semester is back on and we are diving back into our rigorous education and potential careers, I wanted to discuss licensing! I don’t know about all of you, but this is a scary and overwhelming concept. As of right now, ART THERAPY licensing in scarce state wise, but hopefully by the time we all get to that point in our educations, it will expand! So. for this blog I thought I would share some information that I found on licensing, but only the basic stuff because a lot of us are from from that point as of right now. Its just food for thought!

Where? What states are Art Therapy chill?

Okay, so good news…ALL states are “Art Therapy chill.” Every state allows the practice of Art Therapy under the ideals of a clinical therapist! On the American Art Therapy Association website, you can find a list of every state, where it’ll tell you if they recognize Art Therapy licensing or not. Under that, it will say if they recognize related practices and they all say yes. To me this means that if they do not yet recognize Art Therapy licensing, that they still recognize a therapist using the practice of art therapy under a clinical setting.

To get a bit more into detail, I have researched the states that recognize specific Art Therapy licenses. To start, the practice of art therapy is seen through a professional art therapy license in New Jersey, New Mexico, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland and Oregon. However, some of the licensing is a bit different. In New Jersey, New Mexico, Kentucky and Mississippi, they have LPAT or Licensed Professional Art Therapist, whereas, Maryland has LCPAT or Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist and Oregon has Licensed Certified Art Therapists and Licensed Art Therapists. Now, what does all of this mean? You can go on the American Art Therapy Association’s website to find all of this information AND how to get these licenses.

What was the point?

I wanted to use this blog post for this week as a way to help some of us stay informed! I know I had a lot of difficulty understanding all of this and I wanted to make sure everyone of us could find the information we need and maybe learn something new about our profession through this. A lot of us are not any where near this stage in our education, but it can give you an idea on where you may want to practice in your future, like living wise. Or, if you wanted to look into other graduate programs that would be closer to your state in mind, this could help you out.

I hope this helped someone of you out, and if you’re not an Art Therapy major, maybe this was interesting information, or even helps you understand your friends major better! Until next time!!

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